We do more than solve the challenges our clients have today. We collaborate to solve the challenges of Tomorrow.

LMG Consultants is a British & Emirati Management Consultancy Company, which provides bespoke and competitive solutions to meet your business and organizational needs.

Our team of Consultants have over thirty years of combined experience in management consulting, project management, coaching and training, business development and corporate strategy. We offer diligent, straightforward and practical solutions based on our vast experience and extensive network across various sectors.


Providing Innovative Solutions

Incorporation and Administration of Companies

Our team assists our clients to select the best company formation that meet’s their business needs.

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Corporate/Board Training

At LMG we believe that leaders are not trained but they are developed through thoughtful coaching and mentoring. Our Leadership…

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Business Development/Strategy

LMG assists companies and individuals to create and sustain growth through successful expansion into regional and international markets.

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Legal Services

LMG provides legal services to individuals and companies  through our global comprehensive support and collaboration with international law firms.

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New Business Coaching

This coaching is specially customized for new entrepreneurs who need clarification and want to learn how to increase revenue or strategize on a business idea.

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Project Management

Our Consultants are seasoned Project Managers who have worked on a variety of projects in various sectors internationally. From small to large…

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Anti-Money Laundering

We provide  AML training programs  to organizations to enable employees to develop skills that help them ensure AML compliance and to understand how an organization can be vulnerable to money laundering. Our courses are taught my CAMS certified trainers who use practical examples to ensure understanding of the AML regulations. Courses can be done in person or virtually.

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