Sustainability of Africa – The Future of Renewable Energy

As the world continues to lean toward sustainable solutions to power and energy, Africa is ripe for investment in an area often neglected.

Reduced technology costs makes renewable energy an efficient way to generate power in Africa which directly impacts economies and the life style of the average African. Despite many infrastructure advancements in Africa, there are still over 500 million Africans who do not have access to sources of electricity. Investors can play a role in addressing this challenge by providing the support to help Africa utilize its full renewable energy potential.

Africa requires an annual investment of over USD 50 million in renewable energy projects thru 2030 for clean energy transformation to be realized.

The clean energy access would increase energy security, create green jobs, and support key developing outcomes such as improved healthcare and education. In addition, it would also support Africa’s effort in combating the impact of climate change.

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